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my name is Boris Gorelik. I’m a data scientist, algorithm developer, data visualization enthusiast and occasional lecturer. Since May 2014, I’m a data scientist at Automattic – the company behind and other projects. At Automattic, I have the chance to analyze fascinating data generated by more than 110,000,000 users. My current passion is the social aspects of user engagement. In this talk, presented in 2015, I talk about this research. One year later, I presented another set of interesting results at WordCamp Israel. You can find these results in my blog post.

Follow my blog, to learn more about what I do at work.
My team has a public blog,, in which I, and my teammates share data insights from our work at Automattic.

How to contact me?

The best and the easiest way is to write me to

What did I do before my current position?

Until 2014 I worked at RSA – the security division of EMC. At RSA, I was a co-developer of an online outlier detection algorithm named TAnDeM. This algorithm is designed for cases where the data are cheap; the labels are expensive, and the service providers do not tolerate black box solutions.

Before joining RSA, I worked for more than four years as a senior bioinformatician and later on, as head of software and bioinformatics in Procognia – a small biotech company. Before Procognia, I was a bio-mathematical simulation person and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics expert in Optimata. I worked in Optimata for about two years, just after graduating my Ph.D. in computational chemistry from The Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem.

Photo by Luca Sartoni