On procrastination

Cork Board with multiple post-it notes saying "Do it!"
Do it!

I don’t know anyone, except my wife, who doesn’t consider themselves procrastinator. I procrastinate a lot. Sometimes, when procrastinating,  I read about procrastination. Here’s a list of several recent blog posts about this topic. Read these posts if you have something more important to do*.


 An Ode to the Deadlines competes with An Ode to Procrastination.

I’ll Think of a Title Tomorrow Talks about procrastination from a designer’s point of view. Although it is full of known truths, such as “stop thinking, start doing”, “fear is the mind killer”, and others, it is nevertheless a refreshing reading.

The entire blog called Unblock Results is written by Nancy Linnerooth who seems to position herself as a productivity coach. I liked her last post The Done ListThe Done List that talks about a nice psychological trick of running Done lists instead of Todo lists. This trick plays well with the productivity system that I use in my everyday life. One day, I might describe my system in this blog.

We all know that reading can sometimes be hard. Thus, let me suggest a TED talk titled Inside the mind of a master procrastinator. You’ll be able to enjoy it with a minimal mental effort.

*The pun is intended
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By Boris Gorelik

Machine learning, data science and visualization http://gorelik.net.

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