Interactive Network Visualization in Python with NetworkX and PyQt5 Tutorial

Unfortunately, there is no widely accepted, ready to use, standard way to interactively visualize networks in python. The following post shows yet another attempt to build an ad-hoc app.

Sonia Kopel

My boss came to me the other day with a new type of project. This time we would not be doing our usual predictive modeling in R, but instead we would be solving a graph theory problem… and we would be doing it in Python.

Our end goal was to create a visualization of a network that a user could click on that would do the following things: display immediate subgraph of a selected node, display shortest path between two selected nodes, and display most likely path between two selected nodes. We decided the best approach would be to start with a small test network, and set up a graphical system that would visualize the network and allow for user interactivity.

The test network featuring my boss’s daily movements was a .CSV and is shown below:

Networks network

The origin and dest columns represent the nodes (places my boss goes) connected by…

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By Boris Gorelik

Machine learning, data science and visualization

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  1. have tried following the post to get a work around the stuff but cant get to understand what is going on.. could you kindly be of help cause my approach is kinda more compact and dealing with different kinda of csv file contents makes the tutorial kinda hard to make up something that really works for different case study


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