Three most common mistakes in data visualization 
and how to avoid them. Now, the slides

collage of data visualization paper headlines

Yesterday, I talked in front of the Barcelona Data Science and Machine Learning Meetup about the most common mistakes in data visualization. I enjoyed talking with the local community very much. Judging by the feedback I received during and after the talk, they too, enjoyed my presentation. I uploaded my slides to Slideshare.

Me in front of a screen that shows a bar chart


By Boris Gorelik

Machine learning, data science and visualization


  1. Some nice insights there! I kept looking back at your slides 84 and 85 — I’ll keep the “So what?” question in mind.


    1. We didn’t record the talk. However, I do consider running a webinar version of this presentation. I’ll post an update on this page, once I decide when and how to do that.


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