A fast way to increase your reading speed by 25%

I was sceptic but I tried, measured, and arrived to the conclusion. First, I set a timer to 60 seconds and read some text. I managed to read seventeen lines. Then, I used my finger to guide my eyes the same way kids do when they learn reading. It turned out that I was able to read lines of text. By simply using my finger. Impressive.

By Boris Gorelik

Machine learning, data science and visualization http://gorelik.net.


  1. This is interesting. Here’s the averages of three independent trials I just carried out against same-formatted text:

    1. Reading without the pointer: 1m 16s 420ms
    2. Reading with the help of the pointer: 0m 43s 80 ms

    I wonder what research is available, if any, to explain the observations above (or similar ones)


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