Which coffee is this?

Gilad Almosnino is an internationalization expert. I’m reading his post “Eight emojis that will create a more inclusive experience for Middle Eastern markets,” in which he mentions “Turkish or Arabic Coffee,” which reminded me of my last visit to Athens. When, in one restaurant, I asked for a Turkish coffee, the waiter looked at me harshly and said: “It’s not Turkish coffee; it’s Greek coffee!”

Turkish, Arabic, or Greek

2 thoughts on “Which coffee is this?

  1. Having been raised in a Greek culture, I can emphatically state that it is truly Greek coffee but I will ask for Turkish coffee in Greek restaurants just to see the reaction.
    I still have fond memories of my Mother trying to diving the future by reading the cup after you drink it; you reverse the cup on it’s saucer so the sludge drips down the sides and “read” the patterns in your best oracular voice.


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