No signs (yet?) of the COVID-19 pandemic on StackOverflow job postings

I suppose that you knot that THE software developement Q&A site has its own job board. I suspected that the Corona pandemic would lead to a sharp decrease in the number of job postings on that board. I scraped the data, and it looks like for now, there are no drastic changes in the amount of postings published in the last couple of days.

By Boris Gorelik

Machine learning, data science and visualization


  1. Hmm. What about the number of remote postings? I’ve heard that even companies that opposed work from home have rapidly switched to having significant numbers of their teams be remote. Would you be able to track the number of remote openings over the next month or two?


    1. In theory, yes. In practice, It’s too much work for me :-). The code is here.

      The board only contains active ads, the employer may remove the ad if it’s not relevant anymore (they employed someone, or went out of business). So, to perform this analysis, one needs to run this script every day as a cron job.

      Not something too hard to do, just annoying 🙂

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