StellarGraph — another promising network analysis library for Python and Scala

Network (graph) analysis is a complicated topic. There are several tools available for this task with different pros and cons. Recently, I stumbled upon another tool StellarGraph. StellarGraph authors claim to provide excellent performance; NumPy, Pandas, TensorFlow integration, an impressive set of algorithms, inter compatibility with Neo4j (THE graph database); and much more. The documentation looks very clear and extensive too.

I didn’t use it yet, but I certainly plan to.

By Boris Gorelik

Machine learning, data science and visualization


  1. At the suggestion of your article I checked out StellarGraph. My area of research is Bioinformatics which involves development of interactomes comprised of thousands of proteins. I am blown away at this libraries ability to organize and deal with such large aggregates of data. I look forward to seeing what else you find and thank you for the update

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    1. I’m glad you are glad. Note thouh, that except for reading their material, I don’t know anything about StellarGraph. So, if you use it, I’ll be glad to know your impressions.

      Good luck

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