Director Matters. My new newsletter

So, I started a substack newsletter called “Direction Matters” (I hope you like the word play).

It doesn’t matter how hard you push if you’re pushing in the wrong direction.

Direction Matters is a newsletter that focuses on teamwork, communication, and data, delivered with a blend of candid honesty and just the right amount of cynicism.

People managers will find value in the fresh perspectives, real-life case studies, and insightful advice on how to lead their colleagues effectively and with empathy.

For byte managers—an inventive term for individual contributors—I offer an opportunity to enhance communication skills, broaden their perspective, and learn strategies for making a more significant impact within their teams and organizations.

Join me on this exciting journey as we delve into the intricacies of teamwork, communication, and data-driven decision-making. Let’s find the right direction together.

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By Boris Gorelik

Machine learning, data science and visualization

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