Boris Gorelik, Ph.D. Data science, machine learning, data visualization

My name is Boris Gorelik. I’m a data scientist, algorithm developer, data visualization lecturer. I have been solving data-intense problems since 2001. I have been teaching data visualization since 2015.

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I also tweet as @boris_gorelik, I’m available on LinkedIn, have a YouTube channel, and some code on Github.

Who am I?

I am a data scientist and a bioinformatician. I have extensive experience developing machine learning techniques on a wide range of problems: binary classification (churn prediction, cancer detection); anomaly detection; forecasting; social network analysis.

Today, I work as a Head of Bioinformatics and Data at MyBiotics Pharma, a biotech startup that improves human well-being using the microbiome.

I’m a podcaster.  I’m the editor and the co-founder of “This Week in the Middle East,” the oldest active Hebrew podcast that deals with the current affairs and the history of the Middle East. 

I am a mentor and a teacher. I teach data visualization and data-based decision making. I conduct workshops. From time to time, colleagues, friends, and sometimes complete strangers ask me for advice. I’m always happy to help. This page summarises my teaching activity.

Boris Gorelik makes a presentation

I am a communicator. I love public speaking. I enjoy conducting workshops and conference talks. I have presented in English, Hebrew, and Russian. Some of my talks and workshops have been recorded published on Youtube. Click here to see the recordings. I’m a creator of two podcasts, both in Hebrew. “Reayon Avoda” is devoted to leadership, marketing, and career. “This week in the Middle East” is devoted to deep analysis of Middle Eastern affairs.

From time to time, people (mostly conference organizers) ask for a picture of mine. Feel free using any of the images in images in this post.

Formal CV

You may find my CV here