Solving data problems since 2001, teaching since 2015

Learn, Do, Teach

For me, teaching is the best way to learn. I enjoy teaching, I love teaching, and I continuously try to improve my teaching skills.

Academic Courses

I teach two courses at the Azrieli College of Engineering in Jerusalem. Both classes are a part of the M.Sc in Software Engineering program. The first course is Data Visualization in Research and Development, where I teach the theory behind effective data visualization. The second one is Data-Based Decisions, where I review different approaches to deal with uncertainty, mainly using the Bayesian approach.

Workshops and talks

In addition to academic courses, I conduct shorter practical workshops that take between three hours to three days. The workshop can be in-person or online. I work with workshop organizers to tailor the program to the organizers’ needs. Some of my lectures and workshops are available on YouTube here.

Online course

I tried to create an online course in data visualization but had to stop the development. Nevertheless, the first lectures of the course are still available here.