The first lesson of the data visualization course is available

The first lesson of the course Data Visualization Beyond the Tutorial is online! Go to the lesson page to watch the lesson video. There’s also an assignment!

Do you know a friend, a colleague, a classmate who needs to communicate numbers as part of their works? Let them know about this course. They will thank you 🙂


I have created an online data visualization course

Free online course. Data Visualization Beyond the Tutorial.

If you create charts using your tool’s default settings and your intuition, chances are you’re doing it wrong.

Let me present you an online course that dives into the theory of data visualization and its practical aspects. Every lecture is accompanied by before & after case studies and learner assignments. The course is tool-neutral. It doesn’t matter if you use Python, R, Excel, or pen, and paper.

The first lecture will be published on July 7th. Future lectures will follow every two weeks. Meanwhile, you may visit the course page and watch the intro video. Follow this blog so that you don’t miss new lectures!

Please spread the word! Reblog this post, share it on Twitter (@gorelik_boris), Facebook, LinkedIn or any other network. Tell about this course to your colleagues and friends. The more learners will take this course, the happier I will be.