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my name is Boris Gorelik. I’m a data scientist, algorithm developer, data visualization lecturer. I have been solving data-intense problems since 2001. I have been teaching data visualization since 2015.

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Occasionally, I talk about my job. If the talk was recorded, you can find it in this playlist. I love talking about data science, social networks, and data visualization. If you want to invite me, just drop a line.

Public speaking

I love public speaking. Click here to see all my recordings that are available on YouTube. If you need a picture of mine, try this page.

My current places of work

Since May 2014, I’m a data scientist at Automattic – the company behind and other projects. At Automattic, I have the chance to analyze fascinating data generated by more than 120,000,000 users.

I also teach data visualization courses. I currently teach a course in the  Azrieli College of Engineering in Jerusalem. I have also taught similar courses at the Holon Institute of Technology and in the Israel Tech Challenge project.

What did I do before my current position?

Until 2014 I worked at RSA – the security division of EMC. At RSA, I was a co-developer of an online outlier detection algorithm named TAnDeM. This algorithm is designed for cases where the data are cheap; the labels are expensive, and the service providers do not tolerate black box solutions.

Before joining RSA, I worked for more than four years as a senior bioinformatician and later on, as head of software and bioinformatics in Procognia – a small biotech company. Before Procognia, I was a bio-mathematical simulation person and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics expert in Optimata. I worked in Optimata for about two years, just after graduating my Ph.D. in computational chemistry from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

CV of a data scientist and machine learning expert

You may find my CV here

My photos

From time to time, people (mostly conference organizers) ask for a picture of mine. Feel free using any of the images in images in this post.

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