On a person that falls into the water. Or why thinking short-time is a good strategy in times of crisis

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At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, I tried to explain to my daughter (and to myself) the rationale behind the draconic measures the governments take to fight with the crisis. One rationalization that I found was an analogy of a person that falls into the water. In this situation, the person needs to act FAST to stabilize the situation. Only than, he or she can start planning their steps.

I have been very vocal criticizing the dramatic measures that many governments took in the beginning of this crisis. It looks like these measures were more-or-less correct, and that the countries that didn’t implement them are now in a much worse situation, compared to the countries that did impose severe limitations. But even if in the retrospective it will turn out that one could do much better without the many “hammers,” I tend to think that those hammers were inevitable.

The conclusion? One day or another, we will all need to act very fast. This means that we need to be prepared, have plan B’s work on resilience, and maybe perform emergency drills.

Everything is NOT just fine (repost)

My job wasn’t affected by the COVID madness in almost any way. I used to work from home before, and I work from home now, none on my customers cancelled any projects, the health system in Israel is still functioning, all of my relatives are in good health, everything is just fine! I know how unusual I am in the current world, with the skyrocketing unemployment, non-functioning governments, and three-digit body counts. I was about to write about that, but then I read AnnMaria’s post.

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I’ve read a lot of cheery tweets that said something like, “Buffy, Biff and I are isolated at home with our terrier, Boo. Here’s a picture. Isn’t he cute? We played card games, then I baked this three-course meal I saw on Pinterest. Biff is taking this time to finally become proficient in Mandarin with…

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