The hazard of being a wizard. On balance between specialization and the risk to become obsolete.

A wizard is a person who continually improves his or her professional skill in a particular and defined field. I learned about this definition of wizardness from the book “Managing project, people and yourself” by Nikolay Toverosky (the book is in Russian).  

Recently, Nikolay published an interesting post about the hazards of becoming a wizard. The gist of the idea is that while you are polishing your single skill to perfection, the world changes. You may find your super-skill irrelevant anymore (see my Soviet Shoemaker story).

Nikolay doesn’t give any suggestions. Neither do I. 

Below is the link to the original post. The post is in Russian, and you can use Google Translate to read it.

Страница о магах У меня в книге есть глава про полководцев и магов. В её конце я подвожу итог: Несмотря на свою кру­тость, маг уяз­вим. Он поле­зен, только если его навык под­хо­дит к задаче. 658 more words

Почему опасно быть магом — Об управлении проектами и дизайне