Book review. The Persuasion Slide by Richard Dooley

TL;DR Very shallow and uninformative. It could be an OK series of blog posts for complete novices, but not a book.

The Persuasion Slide by Richard Dooley was a disappointment for me. I love Dooley’s podcast Brainfluence, and I was sure that Richard’s book would full of in-depth knowledge and case studies. However, it contained neither. 

The only contribution of this book is the analogy between a sale process and an amusement part slide. The theory behind the book is mostly presented as a ground truth with almost no explanation or support from research. One will gain much more knowledge and understanding by reading Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” Arieli’s “Predictably irrational.” or Weisman’s “59 seconds.”

Should I read this book?