You don’t need a fast way to increase your reading speed by 25%. Or, don’t suppress subvocalization

Not long ago, I wrote a post about a fast hack that increased my reading speed by tracking the reading with a finger. I think that the logic behind using a tracking finger is to suppress subvocalization. I noticed that, at least in my case, suppressing subvocalization reduces the fun of reading. I actually enjoy hearing the inner voice that reads the book “with me”.

A fast way to increase your reading speed by 25%

I was sceptic but I tried, measured, and arrived to the conclusion. First, I set a timer to 60 seconds and read some text. I managed to read seventeen lines. Then, I used my finger to guide my eyes the same way kids do when they learn reading. It turned out that I was able to read lines of text. By simply using my finger. Impressive.