This Week in Data Reading (and Watching!)

Data-related reading and watching recommendations by me and my teammates

Data for Breakfast

This week we’re bringing your new reading (and watching!) on neural networks, artificial intelligence, and…poetry. (Yes, poetry!) Check out our recommendations and share your perspectives on them in the comments.

Boris Gorelik

boris Are you a stereotypical millennial who’s curious about many things and loves your information fast, fun, and to the point? Are you also interested in learning about machine learning, neural networks, and other cool stuff? You aren’t, but you know such a person? Make sure to check the Siraj Raval’s YouTube channel. Siraj is a Pythonista, a machine learning geek, a rapper, and, apparently, a YouTube star. He’s talking about self-driving cars, stock exchange prediction, image classification, and other cool stuff in terms that do not require deep prior knowledge.

The dark side of data science” discusses the problems around relying too heavily on learning algorithms. The problems described in this post lie on the…

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By Boris Gorelik

Machine learning, data science and visualization | CTO @

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