Analysis of A Beautiful Storm: Internal Communication at Automattic

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At Automattic, we believe that communication is oxygen, and we strive to make our communication as effective as possible. In my last post, “How Communication Density Fuels Automattic,” I introduced Automattic’s communication tools and explained the positive influence our annual company meeting — the Grand Meetup — has on our communication.

As a continuation, this post highlights key results of another study I did around our internal communications, which focused on the flow and consumption of information via our main and most transparent communication device, P2s. As described in my last post about our internal communications, P2s are the backbone of our interactions:

Our main communication platform is, of course, run on We employ a network of blogs called P2s, that run the P2 theme. P2s allow us to post right from the blog’s homepage to have real-time, threaded discussions under the posts. We can cross-post…

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By Boris Gorelik

Machine learning, data science and visualization

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